Living Well with a Long-term Health Condition

A long-term health condition is one which can be treated and managed but usually not cured. Examples include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, heart conditions and stroke. About ⅔ of Irish adults over 65 years have not one but two or more long term health conditions. Having such a condition usually brings change to a person’s life.

People with long-term health conditions have an important role in their own healthcare. Family members or carers may also have a role to play. It is important that people have a full understanding of their condition. They need to know how to manage it and how it will affect their life.

What Is Self-management?

Self-management is what a person with a long-term health condition does every day. This may include:

  • recognising and dealing with symptoms (known as monitoring your condition)
  • taking medication(s)
  • managing other treatments
  • attending various appointments
  • making lifestyle changes
  • coping with the emotional effects of the condition

To do this well a person needs to have the right information, education, support and services. Learning how to manage your condition may help you feel better, stay active and live well.


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