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What is Health and Wellbeing Community Referral?
The Health and Wellbeing Community Referral project, is based in the Le Chéile Family Resource Centre in Mallow and is a free service for the Mallow community. Using Social Prescribing, I can help to bridge the gap between you and your community – this might include joining a social group or taking up a hobby, accessing education or advice, or volunteering in the local area.

So, how does it work?
We will spend time talking about you, and about what matters to you. Your priorities might be to meet new people, to learn a new skill, to restart an old hobby or learn a new one, or to access local information or a course. Together we will come up with a simple plan that meets your health and wellbeing goals. Then we will link into these community-based activities and supports, which might include the community garden, the men’s shed, a craft group, a reading group, housing support or an educational opportunity.

Who is Health and Wellbeing Community Referral for?
Anyone (over 18) who is ready for a change, and wants to connect with their community. You might end up making new friends, joining the Men’s Shed, attending regular coffee mornings, joining a walking or running group, starting an art or dance class, joining a support group for a specific health issue, learning a new skill, joining a reading or writing group, accessing support from local information resources or starting a new course.

Essentially, Health and Wellbeing Community Referral is a new way for an old idea, that people are happier and healthier when they are connected to their community. Get in touch for a chat!

Resources and Activities

Here is a list of useful resources for the Mallow area.

The Health & Wellbeing Zoom Café was an initiative run by the Health & Wellbeing Community Referral Link Workers during the Covid19 pandemic. The Zoom café is featured in the first All Ireland Social Prescribing Network Ezine.

Groups that have previously run in conjunction with my service in Mallow include mindfulness, mandala workshops and social soccer.

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Listen below for an interview between myself and Patricia Messenger of 103FM.

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