Cork Cultural Companions

Cork Cultural Companions creates local networks for  like-minded people that are interested in Arts and Culture who can accompany each other to cultural events.


How does Cork Cultural Companions work?

We bring together like-minded people that meet up regularly to go out either with one other person or as part of a small group.

Our main aim is to provide increased opportunities for older people to engage with Ireland’s vibrant cultural and arts scene.

Under the current circumstance, we can’t meet up to attend events at the moment and even if we could there are no events to attend. But, let us not allow that stop us!
There are more resources, for all things cultural than ever before available online and we want to share them with you.

When you sign up as a member with us you will be added to our database and will then receive regular updates regarding various websites, podcasts and social media links to theatre performances, music, literature, dance, local interest items and a whole range of other things too.

And, when we are free to move about and events begin to happen again you will be right there with us to celebrate.

Membership is free and with no obligation so come join us today!

Lyric FM Link!

Click on the image of the two ladies on the right hand side of the screen.

There are a few episodes on different projects/groups and they all are really interesting. We are featured in Episode 4.
It was produced by Grey Heron Media for Lyric FM and they asked kindly if they could feature our ‘Tea and Ballet’ event in it. It’s only 8 minutes long but it captures the atmosphere of it quite well.

Golden Opportunities was produced by Grey Heron Media. 

Attending cultural events in person or online can bring much joy and interest to our lives. But if you have no one to go with, it’s not easy to take the first step. In Episode 4 of Grey Heron Media’s series on creativity for Evelyn Grant’s Weekend Drive, we encounter Cork Cultural Companions. The initiative connects people aged over 55, helping them to make friends through arts and culture. One of the first events has been Tea & Ballet, a collaboration with Firkin Crane in Cork, where participants are getting to know each other every Monday over cup of tea, while exploring the ballet Giselle, as performed by Cork City Ballet.
Tea & Ballet is presented by Patricia Crosbie, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Patricia brings the participants on a journey through Giselle, explaining the role of mime in the ballet, and giving background and historical context to the story that is being told through dance. It is not a lecture, and questions are encouraged. Little by little, over 6 weeks, the participants have started to speak, asking a question here and there, eventually breaking out into warm chats at the end of the sessions, where the little details of everyday life are discussed over the last few drops of tea- a birthday here, a socially-distanced outing there….it feels like the first moments of friendship has begun. As Niall McGuinness concludes: “I think what you’d find coming out of this, is that when people do start moving around again, they’ll have met each other online on this, and if a play or ballet comes up in the Cork Opera House, they’ll say ‘Will we go along? We’ll get 2 or 3 tickets, and the three of us will go together!’. And suddenly you’ve got a group!”.

How can I get involved?

Members can join Cork Cultural Companions by contacting Barbara for more information:

Barbara Quinn – Co-ordinator
021 4500688 / 085-1300335

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