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Social Prescriber Link Worker:

Nora Conway 

I would like to introduce myself. By sharing a little bit of whom I am and what I do, you will get an entrée into my world, not only as a Social Prescriber and Community Link Worker but into who I am inside and out.

My name is Nora Conway. I currently work in the Midleton Family Resource Centre, as a community link worker. The project that i am directly involved with is called Social Prescribing, a model of healthcare that advocates for a person-centered approach to mental health and well-being. My role is to empower people, to help them make better choices in relation to their own mental health and wellbeing. I work directly with individuals from the local community, who recognize that they need support to enhance their sense of self and wellbeing.

How do I do this?

I do this by taking time out to listen t the person and go from there. We draw up a care plan which is based on having conducted a holistic assessment of needs. This provides both the client and I with a roadmap, in supporting them obtain their wishes and goals. However, linking with people into different community groups and service is just one part of my job, (but probably the best part as I get to meet wonderful people and co-create a happier healthier community). My work is multifacted and involves being a champion, spreading the word about social prescribing and its benefits. I work with and alongside GP’s, Primary Care Mental Health teams, educating them about the benefits of Social Prescribing, advocating for a biopsychosocial model or care, rather than just a medical model.
However, this is just facet of who I am. I am also a teacher, sister daughter and an auntie. I am a loyal friend and role model. I believe in people and in the collective. When I am not working or engaging in study, I love listening to music and different podcasts. Brene Brown’s podcasts are always delightful to listen to as they offer many nuggets of wisdom about mental health, wellbeing and human resilience. 
I also love being by the sea and in the sea.


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Midleton – Starting Tuesday 2nd of November at 10:30am
At the Carpark, Ballyannan Wood Walk, 11 Bailick Rd, Castleredmond, Midleton, Co. Cork P25 CD79

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Nora Conway (Link Worker)

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