Covid 19 Resources

Keeping ourselves well physically and mentally is very important at the moment and to help with that Cork Kerry Community Healthcare has developed a series of videos.

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare have also produced a series of downloadable ‘How to’ articles containing exercises and tips that can help.

5 Ways Over 5 Days

Understanding Our Emotions

Understanding Our State Of Mind

How To Be in The Moment

Protect Your Relationships

Coping With Stress

5 More Ways Over 5 Days

Working With Young Children

Working With Teenagers

Working With Intellectual Disabilities

Working With Older People

Mindfulness Skills Practice

Mindfulness Practices

Mindful Practice: Handwashing

Mindful Practice: Forest Walk

Mindful Practice: Breath

Mindful Practice: Body

Mindful Practice: Butterfly Hugs

Helpful “How To” Leaflets

Effecitive Use Of Mindfulness

Managing My Emotions

Fit To Flourish

Coping With Stress

Be Kind

Simple Exercises to Keep you Steady & Strong

The 3 B’s

Finding Calm

Be Winter Ready

Managing My Sleep

Minding Your Long Term Health

Covid-19 :
Guidance For Volunteers

Very many people have volunteered to support our community response to COVID 19. Aware of the challenges that lie ahead for volunteers Cork Kerry Community Healthcare has also developed a guidance for Volunteers. Please download and share widely.